"Wrestling for Veterans"

  • "Wrestling for Veterans"

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    The Lee Rigby Foundation and the Kendo Nagasaki Foundation Present "WRESTLING FOR VETERANS".


    To support our Veterans and their families, the Lee Rigby Foundation and The Kendo Nagasaki Foundation have joined forces, to develop a wonderful 'retreat' facility, so that bereaved families and forces' Veterans can get away from it all and find peace and healing on a country estate in the beautiful and tranquil Staffordshire Moorlands.


    Work is well under way towards the first building, the Lee Rigby House, which will accommodate 2 families, and we're looking forward to beginning work on the more-extensive Lee Rigby Lodge.


    We're working together to raise funds to do all the work that's required, and this DVD is part of that process.

    On 5th March this year, Kendo Nagasaki invited Lyn Rigby to join him as a Celebrity Judge for a wrestling contest which was held to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of an important match from Kendo's past. In conjunction with the Lee Rigby Foundation, a multi-bout contest was held between today’s most promising newcomer wrestlers, at the same venue as Kendo’s historic match half a century earlier (The Victoria Hall in Hanley), and the event itself was also a fund-raiser towards the joint aims of the Foundations.


    There are 17 wrestling matches in total, including men and women wrestlers, and the DVD includes full menus and interviews with Special Guest Celebrity Judge, Lou Macari, and with Lyn Rigby herself; there's a total of over 2 hours of wrestling, interviews, and information.


    We've kept the costs of making this DVD to an absolute minimum (but it's still a fully professional-quality video!), and absolutely all profits are put towards the Lee Rigby Foundation and the Kendo Nagasaki Foundations’ joint work towards building the Lee Rigby House and Lodge.


    If you like wrestling, this DVD is definitely for you! For the wrestling fan, this DVD is a treat, but it will also give valuable help towards helping our Veterans and their steadfast families find peace, strength, and a positive future.


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    "Wrestling for Veterans"

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