Zen Kyu Shin Do Meditation

  • Zen Kyu Shin Do Meditation

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    For anyone in the modern west, trying to find peace of mind, or a deeper understanding of rhemselves or there life, or indeed, enlightenment of any kind, doing do is far from easy!


    Having learned from our first day of school to 'think' through problems in ever greater depth, when it comes to anything to do with the emotions, or any understanding which is beyond our experience or learning, we find that the mind comes up blank. Our deeper selves, it seems, cannot be accessed via the mind.


    However, Kendo Nagasaki has techniques which can turn the mind into a powerful ally in the search for wisdom - instead of using the mind to try to batter down a seemingly locked door to deeper understanding, using Kendo's perspectives, the mind finds itself through that door, and happily engaged in a whole new level of discovery.


    This is the way of Kyu Shin Do. Seeking the centre of total stillness opens the door to the true depth of Zen....and this is the way of Zen that Kendo Nagasaki promotes – de-mystified, totally accessible, and genuinely empowering.

    This guided meditation is the outcome of an incredible half-century of meditation by Kendo Nagasaki upon sensei Kenshiro Abbe’s brilliant Kyu Shin Do philosophy. To experience true peace, and begin your journey into ever-unfolding enlightenment and empowerment, all you need to do is listen....



    Please Note: There is also a You Tube video which explains the background to how sensei Kenshiro Abbe developed the Kyu Shin Do philosophy, and how the man behind Kendo’s mask and Kendo have used it to heal and empower for many decades, and this work now continues through The Kendo Nagasaki Foundation at the Nagasaki Retreat. Enjoy!




    Zen Kyu Shin Do Meditation
    Zen Kyu Shin Do MeditationZen Kyu Shin Do MeditationZen Kyu Shin Do Meditation

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