Anthem, "Anthem for Nagasaki" (mp3)

  • Anthem, "Anthem for Nagasaki" (mp3)

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    The "Anthem for Nagasaki" is the theme which announces the arrival of the phenomenal warrior and mystic, Kendo Nagasaki.

    The Anthem has announced his entrance to the wrestling ring and also features as the background atmosphere to various video-clips of Kendo. The rock-style music itself is wonderfully emotive - it's powerful, motivating, soaring, and inspiring, and perfectly captures the majesty of Kendo Nagasaki himself.

    Listened to at any time, the Anthem for Nagasaki will raise your spirits, give you strength, and deeply inspire you, as well as thoroughly satisfy the music-lover in you. This unique piece of music is a must-have memento of a truly inspiring icon of British culture, and it properly reflects his shining glory - highly recommended listening!

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