Empowerment Meditation

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    The wait is over! Kendo Nagasaki has now released his Empowerment Meditation!


    The meditation has been developed from the guided meditations as practised by Kendo Nagasaki at his Retreat, and it has his spiritual wisdom at its foundation. This is a true meditation, which gently and completely stills the conscious mind, and takes the listener on a journey to theta-state relaxation, which is the same level achieved by Buddhist monks after many years of practice.


    You will hear the sounds of music, of nature, and Kendo's specially-tuned singing bowls, as you are guided to a state of complete peace; with your consciousness completely at rest, the timeless wisdom of your intuitive self becomes available to you, and all the deeper levels of your self can come into balance. You will find the deep, centred peace at the heart of the spiritual warrior.


     A 20-page booklet is included, which contains exquisite portrait photographs and explanations of the seven most symbolically-significant places in the grounds of Kendo's Retreat. Just as when visiting The Retreat, reflecting upon these places and their meaning before meditation deepens your experience, and helps to reveal your own life's path, and how best to live whilst travelling it.


    Kendo's Empowerment Meditation is a cornerstone of all his Pathways to Power - it is fundamental to health and well-being, to seeking spiritual wisdom, to self-improvement, to success and achievement, and - crucially - to healing; it is only by dispelling worry and finding the voice of your intuition that you can begin to understand the basis of the challenge of a health issue, and the deep relaxation and intuitive awareness facilitated by this meditation place you in the best possible state for receiving healing energies.


    For everyone in search of confidence, inspiration, wisdom, strength, healing, balance, and inner peace, this meditation is a unique, profound, and genuinely empowering experience; start using it today - it will change your life!


    Finally, included with every meditation is a seed from the Tree of Souls. As a member of the pine family, it symbolises long life and prosperity, and its seeds give a direct connection not only to these energies, but also to its role at The Retreat as a gateway between earthly existence and the power and wisdom of the universe, and the wisdom of the souls of our ancestors. Kendo assures you that possessing this tiny miracle of nature will greatly strengthen and deepen your meditations.

    Empowerment Meditation
    Empowerment MeditationEmpowerment MeditationEmpowerment Meditation

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