Wrestling Mask *Authentic Kendo Nagasaki*

  • Wrestling Mask *Authentic Kendo Nagasaki*

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    We are proud to offer for sale our own specially-commissioned replicas of Kendo Nagasaki Wrestling Masks, patterned directly from Kendo's own original masks.

    In order to ensure that the masks are affordable and accessible to as many Kendo fans as possible, we searched far and wide for the best value skilled tailors, and we finally found them. These masks are constructed in the same way as Kendo's originals - the seams are all triple-stitched, the construction is in multiple panels for good fit and durability, and all the lace-holes are hand-stitched. There is at least 8 hours highly-skilled tailoring in each mask, but we've priced them to be excellent value-for-money.

    Please note that because each mask is hand-made, following the size and fit of the original Kendo Nagasaki masks, there will be variations in construction between each mask, such as the positions of the stripes, and, if you choose to wear your mask, unless your head is the same size and shape as Kendo's, you may not experience a perfect fit. In order to achieve this, you will need to have your mask altered by a tailor.

    Available in all four legacy colours - black, red, blue, and purple, just like the original masks - this is the ultimate souvenir for the true Kendo fan.

    These masks are an excellent and affordable way in to the top level of Kendo fandom, and are now available exclusively here. The wait is over - get your Kendo Nagasaki mask now!



    Wrestling Mask *Authentic Kendo Nagasaki*
    Wrestling Mask *Authentic Kendo Nagasaki*Wrestling Mask *Authentic Kendo Nagasaki*Wrestling Mask *Authentic Kendo Nagasaki*Wrestling Mask *Authentic Kendo Nagasaki*

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