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    Kendo Nagasaki 50th Anniversary 2014 Calendar - B-Grade ***

    This is no ordinary calendar - this one celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Kendo Nagasaki first exploding onto the British wrestling scene!

    The calendar features 12 classic photo portraits of Kendo in action, all of them key era-markers during his outstanding career, all of them steeped in the atmosphere of their era, and all of them combining to portray this amazing icon in a suitably impressive light.

    This image, for November (obscured, of course, so as not to spoil its full impact!) shows the hallmarks that are present on all the images - Kendo Nagasaki written in his customary font, a celebratory 50th Anniversary emblem, Kendo's "hanko" stamp, and his iconic signature, all in vivid red and yellow to contrast with the atmospheric monochrome of the portraits themselves. The November date-grid also features an emblem on the 13th - the actual day of Kendo Nagasaki's 50th anniversary.



    *** Please Note: Technically, these calendars are not Graded Stock - there's no fault with them, we thought we'd offer our remaining stock at a discount. Year 2014 is the 50th Anniversary the calendar is still a wonderful collection of classic images of the great Nagasaki, so now's your chance to pick up a tribute to this icon of British wrestling! ***

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